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If your home has sewer problems, do not hesitate to call Drain Cleaning Houston TX. We can do sewer line repair and sewer pipe repair and can replace your sewer line if you want.

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A Proper Sewer System Is Essential!

The sewer line is an essential component of the plumbing system. Without sewer pipes to carry wastewater away from your home, your property will have excess sewages and foul odors. When you have a problem with the sewer line and pipes, call Drain Cleaning Houston TX to help you.

Sewer line problems can happen suddenly; sometimes, they can be in the morning or at night. That is why our technicians in Houston, TX, offer emergency sewer repair, cleaning, and replacement. They will come to you fast on the same day in order not to disrupt your daily schedule.

Keep Your Sewer Line Clean

Do grease, hair, food, and other wastes lead to a clogged sewer line? Are you experiencing slow drains or abnormal smells? At this time, it is essential to hire a sewer cleaning and repair service before a clog creates a mess in your home. Our local sewer repair contractors in Houston, Texas, will use the sewer camera to find the sewer problems. Then they fix them quickly and efficiently without causing any damages. Your sewer will be in good shape after we complete the sewer repairs. Drain Cleaning Houston TX will always offer high-quality sewer repair services. We will do everything to make sure that your home is kept as clean as possible throughout the process. Your satisfaction is essential to our service.

Services We’re Offering


Best service to help you in emergencies

Drain Cleaning

ready to deal with any drain issue

Water Leak

have professional leak repair experts

Sewer Repair

diagnose and fix issues with sewage lines

Toilet Repair

Repairing clogged and Replacing units.

Garbage Disposal

quick identify and fix disposal problems.

Enjoy A New Sewer Line!

Do you hear odd noises coming from your sewage pipes? Has your sewer line damaged beyond repair? Then you have to contact a plumber before it is too late! Drain Cleaning Houston TX is near you and will offer you help. Our sewer contractors in Houston, Texas, have the skills and technology to replace the old sewer line and the pipes of the sewer. They will install a new sewer line that will last for a long time.

They will leave you with a proper sewer system. Unlike our competitors, our sewer and drain cleaning company will save you money. We will give you all the sewer services at affordable and cheap prices. We not only give you the best prices in the market. But you will enjoy our discounts.

Our Customers Feedback

  • Milton Austin

It was a great experience

I can’t say enough good things about this business. I had to have a whole sewer line replaced Drain Cleaning Houston TX diagnosed the problem quickly, and Sunny really went the extra mile for me when dealing with my insurance company. The work was well done in a very timely manner! I so appreciate the great job they did.

Thanks for this great service

We are so pleased with the work Drain Cleaning Houston TX did for us to remove 8 feet of tree roots from our sewer line. It was complicated requiring removal of huge tree roots and carefully excavating to avoid other utilities. Donald and his team were patient, friendly, helpful and professional in every way, completing the job quickly and efficiently. We would use them again for sure. Thank you so much!

You all are awesome thanks alot

I had a leak at the rate of 5 gallons per minute but it was underground. I needed it fixed quickly. Drain Cleaning Houston TX sent a detection and repair service in the same day. Other detection companies had a week and a half wait time and then I would have had to set up a separate appoint for repair. So grateful I have my water back on again!

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